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bring durch Ananda mehr Gesundheit und Lebensfreude in deinen Alltag!


für mehr Gesundheit und Selbständigkeit im Alltag


um Ihren Körper zu optimieren


um Körper Geist und Seele in Einklang zu bringen


Stress reduzieren und im Alltag achtsamer werden

Let's harmonise body, mind and soul together through a sequence of movement and breathing techniques. I am a certified Power Vinyasa yoga teacher and have additional training in therapeutic yoga and yoga in psychiatry.


-Group Yoga


-Therapeutic Yoga

- Senior Yoga

Anyone who wants to do something good for their body and mind is welcome. No previous experience is necessary. I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Yours, Marthe

Pain, limited mobility or other infirmities are often a result of a lack of physical fitness. Excess weight logically puts pressure on the joints and promotes diseases. With age, the body - commonly - reduces muscle mass and increases fat tissue. The loss of muscle mass can lead to physical limitations and restrict a person's ability to act.

With our therapeutic personal training, you get all the support you need from our side to achieve your personal goals.

Due to our therapeutic background, we can also address any pre-existing conditions in fitness training.

Euer Leonard